There are three different categories to Irish  Dance.


Soft shoe

Everyone starts with soft shoe to build up stamina and get used to basic moves and timings .You will be learning intricate steps performed in soft leather shoes.


Heavy shoe

 Fast rhythmical steps using strength and stamina. These steps are performed in a leather shoe with loud tips and heels


Ceili Dancing

These are traditional dances performed as a team in light shoes , these can be very fun to learn and perform.


There are different levels of dance  Beginner, Primary, Intermediate and Open. You must win through these categories in order to win larger titles. Its a great way to stay motivated and set yourself a goal. The steps expected for you to perform get more difficult and intricate as you progress through the levels. If you choose not to compete you can still progress through these levels by moving up to a higher level class.

What do Irish Dancers wear

We do wear highly decorated costumes but its not all the same as you see on the internet or TV. I know there is a type of pageant stereotype such as fake tan, huge wigs, short dresses and lots of make up that goes with Irish dance but rest assured we dress everyone appropriately for their age and we stick to traditional values of Irish dance by focusing on the dancing. We are a traditional school and our Beginners wear more simple designs to reflect the level that you dance at. We have beautiful traditional costumes and our school colours are Blue and Gold. Our costumes follow strong traditions and must cover the arms and shoulders. Our skirts are also a respectable length and we do wear special shorts underneath . Fake tan and make up is banned for under 11yrs and we don't force anyone to wear make up at any age, whatever you are comfortable with. We do sometimes wear wigs as they are easier than styling hair but again you don't have to wear one. 

Our Beginner School outfit for school shows
Our Primary/ intermediate Dress. 
Our Senior Beginner Dress
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