What do I need for class?

  • Uniform - Irish Dance is a high energy sport and you will sweat ! So you will need to wear sports clothing. You will also need our class uniform T Shirt as this is our uniform for adults and children worn during class and events .

  • Footwear - To start off you can either wear trainers or dance trainers for the first  few weeks. No other foot wear can be worn in the studio! You will need to purchase a pair of Irish Dance soft shoes. These offer comfort  and support. For shoe advice you can pick up our handy guide at class.    .

  • Hydrate - Grab yourself a large drinks bottle and make sure you don't forget it for class. Its very difficult to get through class without water!

Is Irish dance expensive?

Irish dancing may look like an expensive sport on the internet with all the bling but it doesn't have to cost the earth. If you are looking to keep the cost down you can buy basic shoes for as little as £10. The only uniform we require you to buy is our £10 T shirt. If you would like to purchase a skirt or our costume it isn't mandatory but we have those on sale should you want to purchase them. If you would like to get into the competitive side of dance you must wear our basic Beginner W.I.D.A outfit which is very inexpensive.  You aren't allowed to wear the bright sparkly dresses until you win into the highest level of the Feis (competition) so that's something you could save up for in the future. Entering a dance at a Feis can cost £4 per dance plus booking fee.

What to keep in your dance bag

I've asked my dancers what they keep in their dance bags to give you a few tips.

Here is what they said 

  • Plasters for blisters

  • Hair bands

  • Toe protectors

  • Drinks bottles

  • Thick socks and thin socks

  • Small hand towel

  • Deodorant and body spray

  • Banana for after class

  • Tape for shoes

  • Dance trainers/ dance shoes

  • Note book and pen 

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