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Intermediate/Open outfit
Intermediate/Open outfit
Beginner/Primary outfit
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Class Attire

We have plenty of great merch here at Flanagan's. We have T shirts, Hoods, shorts, bags, mugs and much more! All you will need for class is our uniform T shirt, trainers are fine to start with before you invest in dance shoes.

Flanagan's School of Irish Dance
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Our advanced competitive dancers can wear beautiful costumes that vary in style. As you move up through the grades you can wear the more decorative styles if you wish too. Seems to be a great incentive to dancers as everyone likes the sparkles worn by the open level dancers!

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Styles We Learn


Soft Shoe

Everyone starts with soft shoe to build up stamina and get used to basic moves and timings .You will be learning intricate steps performed in soft leather shoes. 


Heavy Shoe

 Fast rhythmical steps using strength and stamina. These steps are performed in a leather shoe with loud tips and heels


Ceili Dancing

 We are current World Champions in this category and we love Ceili dances!

Performed as a team in soft shoes, these can be very fun to learn and perform.

There are different levels of dance  Beginner, Primary, Intermediate and Open. 

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