Read our 5 Star reviews from parents

" My daughter has been having lessons for a few weeks now and absolutely loves it! Annie is brilliant with the kids and they love her "

This is a fantastic school, and Annie is a brilliant teacher - the children love her and she has really inspired my daughter. Highly recommended!

My girl loves her classes and comes home with such enthusiasm and passion about Irish dancing, well done Annie great job

Read our 5 Star reviews from Adult students

An excellent class, for anyone new to Irish Dancing. Annie is a great teacher. She encourages you to try hard, to challenge yourself, and set realistic goals. The people are friendly, the music rocks! and it's a great way to get fit. Would definitely recommend to anyone who has ever thought about giving it a go

I've wanted to learn Irish dancing for most of my life - and Annie has definitely made it an enjoyable start. I have learned so much and progressed in a short period of time, due to Annie helping target the classes around each person's individual abilities. The class is also a great way to keep fit!

I have so much fun at Irish dance class! I've wanted to learn for years and now finally I am. Annie is lovely and a great teacher. She gives everyone tips on how to improve their technique, so we can be as good as we hope to be if we keep practising, but she never makes me feel criticised in a negative way.
The dance itself is the best aerobic exercise I've ever done and it is just so much fun (I know I already said that). If you want to be great at it, it'll take a while to get used to, cos it's a whole new way of holding and moving your body, but I am loving the challenge and it's great to notice my improvement as the weeks go by.
The other people in my class are lovely too. It's a really friendly atmosphere and I'm looking forward to performing together as a team one day.
I'm so glad that I've joined Flanagan's School of Irish Dance, and I'd advise anyone who's even a tiny bit interested to come along and give it a try - I know I've said it twice already but it really is so much fun!!

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