School Principal

Who is the teacher?


Hi, my name is Annie Flanagan and I am the Principal and teacher of Flanagan's School of Irish Dance.

I have been an Irish dancer for 27 years and have taught Irish dance for many years now.  


Is the teacher experienced?


I am a qualified Teagascóir Cumann Rince Gaelacha (Certified Irish Dance Teacher)  with The World Irish Dance Association , one of the largest Irish dance organisations in the World. I have taught students from age 3  yrs up to Adults in classes , workshops and events. I choreograph many shows throughout the year and all of our competitive steps performed at competitions.


What opportunities does WIDA provide for me?


WIDA enables my students to compete in Feis (competitions) in the UK, Ireland, Europe and USA. You can win anything from small titles to World Titles. You can also take your official dance grades.  


What else does the school offer?


The school also offers the chance to perform on stage at events you can even try out for our display team. We teach Ceili dancing as well as soft and heavy shoe. We even teach you to speak Irish as you will need this for your dance grade.  We also offer a range of unique workshops , summer camp and family Events 


What will I gain from Irish dance?

 I strongly believe that Irish dance can enhance your life. It gives my students a massive sense of achievement , self esteem and self belief. It teaches self discipline , self confidence and social skills that can help you in everyday life. I believe all ages should learn to dance and I guarantee you, you will surprise yourself with what you can achieve. Irish dance will improve your fitness, improve your memory so is great for revision, combats stress and strengthens muscles and bones .

About Me

My mum

Where are you from?


I am originally from Manchester and moved to Newquay at 7yrs old.


How did you learn Irish Dance?

I was taught by my mum to Irish dance at a young age.  My mum Josephine is a former Cross Channel Champion (before Worlds existed!) and has won over 400 medals and trophies. My mum danced for the legendary Betty Kelley in Manchester. She also has sisters and cousins that dance too so its definitely in the family. I learnt to dance at  my mums dance school and it wasn't long before I was teaching other students in my class.


Were you a competitive dancer?


I danced at many shows and events growing up but I never had the chance to compete at Feis as there were non local to me. That has given me the determination to provide that opportunity for that for my students and I'm happy to say we started competing last year and now make time to compete regularly.  


What are your schools achievements so far?


We have raised money for numerous charities over the years including mental health, MND, Cancer, local hospitals, local churches, schools and ocean conservation. My students regularly place in the top 5 at competitions. We have Eithne McCarthy 5th in the World for the Traditional set World Championships 2019. We have only been a competitive school for three years and this was our first visit to Worlds, what a fab experience.


Why do you like teaching?


Teaching is something that comes naturally to me and I love to see how happy people are when they complete a dance , its such a huge sense of accomplishment for them and that makes it so worth while for me! I have a passion for choreography its one of my favourite things to do in my free time. It is lovely to watch my students succeed at Feis and make people happy with their performances.


What are your hobbies?


I love playing my Violin and guitar. I am a complete bookworm as I love reading . I love the sea and swimming , snorkelling, paddle boarding and kayaking! I love watching movies and of course my favourite thing to do is dance!

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