Our Fab class Trials

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What to expect

Adult class

We will start of with gentle warm ups and stretches. You will then have the chance to watch some of our dances as we run through them to music. If you are feeling comfortable enough I will then teach you a basic step which we will walk through slowly. If you like we can then try it to music. I always teach the steps at your own pace there is no pressure to get things right first time. If you feel more comfortable you are welcome to just sit and watch at any time. These classes are fun and friendly , don't worry about getting things right first time it does take practice. You don't need to be super flexible or fit either we can work on that at class! If you do have any medical conditions please check with your doctor before attending.

Children's class

Little Riverdancers/ Mini Jig

Once you have arrived at class and met our teacher your child will be introduced to the class and given a buddy for the day so they don't feel alone. We always start the class with stamina training and stretches to get our muscle nice and warm and ready to dance. We then run through the children's dances to check on progress so your little one will have chance to watch some fab dancing. The children are then taught a basic step at a nice slow pace. We will repeat this step together until they are ready to try to some exciting music. Irish dance is a disciplined dance form a lot like ballet which requires concentration. If the children are all behaving well I allow at the end of class an Irish dance themed game such as Irish dance musical statues or Irish dance musical bumps where they have to use the steps they have learnt in class which the children love. We end the class with a cool down stretch before home time .

You will need

Water to drink, comfy sports clothes, trainers or plimsolls are fine. No parents are permitted to stay during the class apart from Mini Jig where it is mandatory.

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