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Primary Heavy Shoe

I know that this is the style of Irish dance everyone longs to learn but it definitely takes time prepare yourself first by learning beginners soft shoe. Learning heavy shoe takes place after you have completed your first set of beginners light shoe dances in our beginners classes. Should you then wish to enhance your training you may sign up to our heavy shoe lessons alongside your regular soft shoe class. You will notice that heavy shoe begins at Primary level and not Beginner for this very reason! This ensures you have some Irish dance basics under your belt to prepare you in learning our other dance style wearing our famous heavy shoes! These styles go hand in hand and should you wish to compete in the future you will need to learn how to dance your heavy shoe dances.If you would like to learn heavy shoe then it is a fantastic goal to motivate you to learn, so you can get your hands on our famous noisy shoes!


Intermediate/Open Heavy shoe- Traditional sets

A challenging class for experienced heavy shoe dances. Here you will learn your Treble Jigs and Hornpipes along with your traditional sets. I am very passionate about teaching traditional sets to a high standard to ensure they are preserved for future generations.This is a great class for competitive and non competitive dancers to really push themselves to achieve their goals.

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